Sustainability at CP

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Sustainability at CP
Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

We believe transportation of freight by rail will continue to play an integral role in the low-carbon future for North America and CP is transitioning to be a leader in this transformation.

CP’s Commitment to Diversity
& Inclusion

Diversity is one of our core values at CP. We believe that different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives enhance creativity and innovation and encourage diversity of thought in the workplace. Fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel empowered to strive for and achieve success supports our high-performance culture and is integral to our growth and success as an organization.

Our Initiatives

At CP, we continue to work collaboratively with our employees, communities along our network and partner organizations in Canada and the U.S. to progress and support CP’s commitment toward a more representative and inclusive workplace.

Our initiatives include:

  • Working to meet and exceed our workforce representation diversity goals in Canada and the U.S. for women, Indigenous Peoples, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and military veterans.
  • Continuing our existing partnerships with associations and organizations that attract, recruit and support skilled immigrants, transitioning veterans, persons with disabilities and women.
  • Working with Indigenous groups to develop relationships that are more meaningful, create targeted outreach programs and employment opportunities, and better understand their history, culture and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Supporting the development and advancement of women at CP.
  • Continuing to position CP as a military-friendly employer in Canada and the U.S., and increase veteran recruitment and hiring efforts.
  • Increasing employee awareness regarding CP’s workplace diversity and inclusion practices through communications, education and training.

CP recently implemented a Diversity & Inclusion Policy for all employees. This policy establishes commitments and principles by which CP will continue to enhance and promote diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. We are making progress, but we know there is more to be done. CP recently committed to increasing its efforts on diversity and inclusion:


  • In June 2020, CP donated US$1 million to three organizations to support the people of Minneapolis, home to the headquarters of CP's U.S. operations, as well as support meaningful positive change nationally. Lake Street Council, East Side Neighborhood Services and the Equal Justice Initiative not only support people in local areas, but also help others throughout the U.S. as they work to restore and rebuild following the social unrest that has affected communities across the country;
  • We will continue to seek out opportunities to support women, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities and organizations.

Develop and Expand Diverse Representation

  • Continue our focus on meeting and exceeding regulatory workforce representation diversity goals in Canada (Employment Equity Act) and the U.S (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).
  • Focus on greater recruitment of BIPOC, including female candidates, at all levels and in all professions at CP through targeted partnerships and outreach efforts.
  • Grow and develop the number of BIPOC and female future leaders from our current employee base.
  • Make a material improvement in our representation of women and BIPOC to senior leaderships levels.
  • Promote and support our three new diversity councils focused on Indigenous, racial and gender diversity. Each council is chaired by a member of CP’s executive committee, and works to ensure we consider diversity and inclusion when we make decisions, provide feedback on corporate directions and promote initiatives that relate to each council's area of focus. Their mandate also includes creating educational opportunities and providing safe places for employees to speak about their experiences. They work to help us all understand the importance of seeing each other for who we truly are, as we improve our understanding and embrace our differences.

Education and Awareness

  • Focus on programs designed to educate our workforce on cultural awareness and unconscious bias training.

CP is committed to diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that through respect and understanding, we can learn from each other and be far better together. Collectively, we are focused on continuing to build a company where all people are valued and respected, and have equal opportunities to succeed.

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